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"Taste of the Keys" Cocktail

This was completely impromptu, but when it’s sunny and 70 in April, it feels like Florida and calls for summery cocktail!

I visited family in Florida a couple months ago, and while I was there, we went to a rum distillery for a rum tasting. At Drum Circle Distilling (website here), I tasted toasted coconut rum for the first time. I am a coconut lover, and let me tell you, it was everything I hoped for and more! It even has a manatee on the label. Seriously, who doesn't love manatees?! liked it so much we bought some to bring home to the Midwest.

Rob and I decided to relax on the patio on this beautiful and sunny afternoon. To be fancy and celebrate our running successes yesterday, we felt inspired and created a pretty fantastic cocktail! For my fellow coconut fans out there, you have got to give this a try! It is light, refreshing, and tastes like the Florida Keys!

This post is not sponsored, but I adore all La Croix flavors and Siesta Key toasted coconut rum. I acknowledge most of you will not have access to this rum, but your favorite coconut rum will work just fine as a substitute!

“Taste of the Keys” Cocktail

1 part Siesta Key toasted coconut rum

3 parts coconut La Croix sparking water

Pineapple juice, to taste

Pour the toasted coconut rum and coconut La Croix into a glass filled with ice. Top with pineapple juice and enjoy!

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