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Shamrock Shuffle

2017 has been a great running year for me so far. Even though I’m not as speedy as I once was (ie freshman year of college or 2014 when I qualified for the Boston marathon), I have a renewed sense of enjoyment with running. Even more satisfying, my average mile pace seems to be getting faster. Running is funny in the sense that the more you run, the more it makes you want to run. I do enjoy off days though, too! My total running mileage for 2017 to date is 241.7 miles. 

This past weekend, Rob and I participated in the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8K run in downtown Chicago. We do not make it downtown often, but there is truly something magical about being part of a festive race of this size. With nearly 20.000 finishers, many of which wearing vibrant green attire, the positivity and high energy was infectious. Rob and I both had strong finishes and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Even though I enjoy the convenience of smaller races, I would highly recommend this event to new and experienced runners in the future! I think you will be able to tell from the pictures that it was a great morning!

In case you were wondering, Rob finished in 35:33 and I followed at 39:37! Feels good to be under an 8 minute mile pace! 

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