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Memorial Day weekend was a beautiful one.  My time was spent doing the things that are truly important in life – hanging out with loved ones, enjoying the magnificence of nature in rural Iowa, appreciating those who currently serve or have served, and reflecting on those who have passed. I was shut off from the distractions of most technology (I did use my phone for photos), and I would sum up the overall weekend as pure bliss.

These days, I find myself counting my many blessings more than ever. All around me, it seems there is pain and stress darkening the days for many. This includes physical problems from medical conditions or sickness but also building pain kept inside, like work stress, financial woes, or relationship issues. Of course, there are many happy things occurring too, but it is troubling to me seeing others in difficult and unfortunate situations. I obviously can’t magically make problems disappear, but if I can bring happiness others, I will certainly try!

It is my hope that this post about my Memorial Day Weekend will inspire you, or at least bring a smile, if you are feeling troubled today. If you haven’t already today, take a moment for yourself and do something you love, even if it is something as simple as walking, petting your dog, hugging your child, or maybe even making yourself a s'more!

Over the course of the long weekend, I accomplished so much! This is not a comprehensive list, but here are some highlights:

  • Date night with Rob at Cooper’s Hawk

  • Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party for my friend Meg

  • Running twice with my sister Olivia

  • Projects, including landscaping and weeding the garden

  • Hiking and 4-wheeling

  • Riding in the back of a 1955 International Truck

  • Animal time with Toby, the horses, and the pigs!

  • Catching up with my dear friend Kaitlin (aka “Paitlin”)

  • Chatting with Meme on my long drive

  • Campfire in the woods with great company, hot dogs, and s’mores


I did not think a formal recipe was needed for s’mores. Build a fire (or use your microwave) and grab some graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate bars – you know what to do!

Thanks for reading. I hope you also had an enjoyable weekend and have a nice (short) week, too!  

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