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Pitting Cherries

My blog has been quiet lately since I’ve been in northern Michigan all of last week vacationing with family. So many fun memories were made, and it was truly a blissful week. The weather was absolutely perfect, and I wish I had a time machine to go back and relive the week all over again.

One of the many fun activities we completed up north was cherry picking! The cherry harvest was just beginning, and we spent some time picking just as the orchards were opening to the public. We went to King Orchards in Kewadin, Michigan. I have never seen so many cherries, and it was a highlight to see the beautiful orchards and be in on the action. See more pics below!

Needless to say, I have hundreds of delicous cherries on my hands because ended up picking over 6 pounds of cherries! What’s even crazier, the u-pick cherries were ONLY $2.00 per pound. Regardless of cost, if you ever have the opportunity to harvest fruit at a u-pick, do it! It is perfect activity for kids and adults of all ages!

So, now that I have all these cherries, I have some work to do with removing cherry pits. Despite the numerous kitchen gadgets in our home, we do not have a cherry pitter. However, I am excited to share an easy, and mess-free solution if anyone is even in the same predicament!

Pitting Cherries Easily Without a Cherry Pitter


1 empty wine bottle, cleaned

1 chopstick, bamboo skewer, or sturdy straw


Right before pitting, rinse cherries in water and lay to dry completely on paper towels. Over the top of the wine bottle, place a cherry on top. Carefully push the interior of the cherry with the chopstick until the pit falls to the bottom. Place the pitted cherry in a bowl, and repeat the process until all cherries are pitted! Clean-up will be a breeze from there. Photos of the process are below. 

NOTE: I used a metal chopstick, but regular ones will also work.

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