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Our Townhouse

“How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard”

- Winnie the Pooh

Major life changes are not easy. There is high level of comfort in a stable routine. Our recent move to our new home has been far more emotional than I ever anticipated. Rob and I completelycleaned out our townhouse over the weekend, and it was so sad to see it empty. I held up pretty well during the past several weeks of moving, but I lost it during our final walk through on Saturday; I mean completely LOST it.

From there, I cried about leaving our beloved home, where so many happy memories had been made; like when Rob caught me completely off-guard and proposed to me on his birthday when I came home from work; or the time we had a home version of the show "Chopped" with Rob's family where 3 teams prepared 3 courses each; or the first time I blogged and dropped a cup of oats all over the floor; or the weekend my parents visited when I ran the Chicago marathon; or the time Olivia, my mom, and I found the weird black crow that wouldn't move from the sidewalk; or the two mourning doves that practically lived on our deck; last but not least, my favorite times might just be the normal, everyday occurrences that made my life so fulfilling and happy. I could write novels with all of the wonderful stories.

Then I cried some more.

I initially felt bad, guilty even, about my emotions. After all, we chose to move and are so fortunate to have such a lovely new home. The more I thought about it though, my emotions are probably typical. Move to a new house they said. It will be fun they said. Yes, this is actually true, but it is still hard to leave a place you love. Who else can relate?

There will probably still be tears, but I do love our new home dearly. It is a new and exciting chapter in our lives, and the time has come to make new memories! As they say, “life goes on” and it certainly does. However, I will always remember our first 4 years together in the townhouse.

Our closing was today and everything went smoothly. My only hope is that our townhouse will be loved by the new owner as much as us. The home may no longer be ours, but the memories will last forever!

The photos below were taken with my phone do not do justice to what our home actually looked like, but they are better than nothing and have sentimental value to me.

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