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Once Upon a Time...

Two years ago today, on a rather chilly January evening, my husband Rob and I were married! As many of our guests might agree, an outdoor wedding ceremony in the Chicagoland area in January may not have been the best idea, but it certainly made for a memorable day that I will forever cherish! We were surrounded by some of our closest loved ones, so it was a magical day! I have to laugh because the sub-zero temperatures we are currently experiencing would have made our wedding day weather seem “warm!” We had a short and sweet ceremony, and everyone quickly warmed back up at the reception! Plus, our wedding photos were captured in a beautiful, wintery wonderland. I must give my sincerest thanks to the very talented Adam and Allison Mitchell from A Squared Moments for not only their stunning work but also for braving the cold with genuine smiles. Their website is here

Aside from the wedding day, I wanted this post to showcase the important part—our marriage. Rob never ceases to amaze me with his kind heart, generosity, and unfailing ability to make me smile. He inspires me every day and also challenges me at times with his stubborn personality! As I reread my wedding vows, I wanted to share two of my favorites that sum us up pretty well as a couple even today: 

"I vow to take time each day to notice and acknowledge all of the special things you do and reciprocate, for our strong foundation has been built from small acts of love and kindness."

"I vow to focus a lot more on my short-comings and a lot less on yours.Perhaps it is our minor imperfections that make us so perfect for one another."

Those words are rather personal, but I think are worth sharing as the messages are something every couple can relate to. Rob and I are not perfect, but we make an amazing team and our life together is incredibly fun! 

I must also express thanks for our families and friends who enrich our lives. Our marriage and how we live our life together has largely been influenced by our parents. My parents celebrated their 33rd anniversary last month and Rob’s parents will also celebrate their 33rd anniversary in just a few days. I love you guys! Here we are with our parents. 

Cheers to continued blessings in our 3rd year of marriage and living happily ever after! 

All photos in this post were taken by Adam and Allison Mitchell of A Squared Moments

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