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On the Rocks

Rob and I closed on our new home at the end of June and have been slowly moving in. We are “officially” moving our large items TOMORROW, and I cannot wait! Family is also visiting this weekend, and I am grateful for some extra helpers!

You’re probably wondering why this post is called “On the Rocks.” Last weekend, we spent Friday evening and all day Saturday painting at the new house, and “On the Rocks” happens to be the new color of our dining room. I must give a HUGE shout-out to my mother-in-law Cathy for all of her hard work in helping Rob and I paint. She is truly incredible in all that she does! Though it was quite a bit of work, the time passed quickly, and we had fun! The three of us accomplished more than we anticipated.

If you have any upcoming painting projects, I say go for it! Below are some tips, as well as our before and after pics. Take a look!

  • Consider paint colors carefully. Paint colors are influenced by natural and artificial lighting. We recommend buying small paint samples to test out the colors in rooms if you're not positive.

  • Invest in a high-quality edging paint brush—it is well-worth the small expense.

  • On the same vein, don’t buy cheap paint. We were able to cover all walls with a single-coat thanks to premium paint. Less paint and less time painting translates to HUGE savings! Time is money, after all.

  • Watch for sales! We were fortunate and received 40% off our paint at Sherwin-Williams thanks to their annual paint sale. We also had $10 off coupons.

  • Drop cloths are invaluable. Even if you are careful, you will drip.

  • Don’t rush, especially when edging. If you aren’t comfortable with edging, use painter’s tape.

  • Forget paper towels for mistakes, use Lysol or Clorox wipes for spot clean-up. It takes paint drips off beautifully.

  • Play music and have some fun! This is solely a matter of preference but music does lighten the mood.

  • As any dietitian would say, fuel and hydrate properly. Painting can be hard work, and you need to be feeling your best for a job well-done.

We used "SuperPaint Interior Acrylic Latex" paint from Sherwin-Williams, and we were very pleased with the quality. The colors we used are noted below:

Family Room and Kitchen: Gracious Greige



Dining Room: On the Rocks



Sitting Room: Requisite Gray



The previous paint colors were acceptable but were not our preference. The main level needed a refresh, and we wanted to lighten things up with light gray tones.The photos really don't do justice to how lovely the new colors look! I’d say we accomplished our goal, and we love the new colors. It already is feeling more like home!Here are some additional photos!

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