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Oh Baby!

Oh baby is right, and it’s time to share our exciting secret! Rob and I are delighted to officially announce that we will welcoming our first child in early July! Our due date is July 1st, but I know this date is highly subject to change. As of Monday, I was 18 weeks and am starting to get a bump. The human body is capable of some truly amazing things. We have already received questions about the gender, but we are not going to find out the gender in advance. This is one surprise we are really excited about!

During my pregnancy thus far, I’ve honestly been feeling great! There were a few days of all-day sickness and occasional nausea during the first trimester, but otherwise I feel very much the same. I have been getting my rest and going to bed earlier, which helps too. For those who follow my Snapchat or Instagram stories, you already know that I have still been running. I’m not pushing myself, but I have been very careful with my footing, hydration, and fueling. Running during pregnancy is probably the main reason I’ve been feeling so good! During the past week of the “snowpocolypse” in the Midwest, I only ran once during the sub-zero temperatures outdoors. I hate running on treadmills and even I will admit that running in 0 to -25° F (pre-wind chill) weather just isn’t safe or worth the risk. I am a bit stir-crazy with this running break and am eager to get some miles in this weekend. As I get farther along in my pregnancy, I know running will become even more challenging with my growing bump. However, I plan to make adjustments and take things one day at a time, with close collaboration with my doctors. If I decide I no longer can or want to run, I will switch to walking.

The only not-so-fun part of the pregnancy relates to my past history of a blood clot and a car accident. Out of caution to prevent blood clots during my pregnancy, I am currently on an injection blood thinner. I have become accustomed to it now, and it’s really not so bad. We had one big scare was when I was rear ended in early December. We ended up going to the ER later that night to make sure baby and I were ok. Thankfully, an ultrasound around 10:30 PM revealed that our baby was just fine. We were so relieved! My priority is protecting our sweet baby! The photo below was taken today with the temperature being -21° F (feels like -47° F with the wind chill). I was outside for less than a minute, and that was enough! Our baby has already had a very interesting life thus far!

I thought it would be fun to show a few pics from the past few months from weeks 8-17. The photos below were all taken before heading out for a run. My bump will be growing more rapidly in the coming weeks and months. This little one is already loved so much!

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