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This post today is a result of a brief conversation I had the other day with my cousin Morgan about staying motivated while marathon training! As a fellow runner and fitness enthusiast, Morgan knows what difficult training is all about. Her frequent snapchats and social media posts keep me inspired and sometimes even a little bit envious of all the fun she’s having! She’s in the green pants in the pic below. Thanks to her, I took a step back to think about why I run and what motivates me.

Motivation is an incredibly powerful feeling and can elevate someone from average to exceptional in any aspect of life—work, school, parenting, relationships, skills, etc. For this post, I will focus on motivation as it relates to running. There are certainly days where running is the last thing I’d like to do, but I’ve learned that training hard on the tough days makes for a happier race day.

I find running to be an enjoyable activity, with numerous positives. In fact, I would argue there are too many to list! However, the greatest “big picture” benefits from running for me are: spending quality time outside, friendships, burning excess calories (especially from the dessert recipes on my blog!), and pushing my limits—both physically and mentally. Additionally, runners are some of the coolest and toughest people, and I consider it a privilege to call myself a “runner!” Last but not least, running makes me feel accomplished and strong.

This year, I am tracking my mileage on a whiteboard, with a goal of running 1,000 miles. I am slightly ahead of schedule and just hit mile 600 with my 10 mile run after work! Trust me, today was a tough one with high humidity and temps just under 90° but I did it! Those on my Snapchat friend list know that I am notorious for frequent photos of my Garmin watch showing my results of a run (see below). It is a rewarding way to document a workout that I sincerely hope inspires others, too!    

I am still about 11 weeks out before my marathon, so I have many long training runs ahead of me. On the blazing hot and humid days, I will strive to think about the positives mentioned above and drink lots of water! I would encourage you to take a moment to think about what drives you to be the best version of yourself. If you haven’t been as motivated as you would like to be, re-evaluate and find things that help you achieve a greater sense of motivation, even if it’s trying something new. You might be a runner after all…

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