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Morel Mushrooms

This damp and dreary weather has me dreaming of the warmer spring days from the past, including those spent morel mushroom hunting down at my favorite woods, fondly known to my family as “Last Chance.” We are currently in the narrow window of the spring season when the mysterious morels make their presence.

I probably sound like a lunatic to those who have never hunted morel mushrooms but finding them is a pretty indescribable feeling. I don’t even like eating them, but the minute you spot one you are filled with pure bliss. It’s like finding money growing from the earth, which actually isn’t so far off considering people have been known to pay top dollar for their share of these earthy delicacies. In fact, a 3.5oz package at Whole Foods was marked $19.99 (that's over $90 per pound)! The photo below is proof!

I don’t want to give away too many secrets, but the experienced hunters know the special spots where to look and also when to look based on the weather. The general rule of thumb is where there is one, there are usually more. Be sure to watch your step to avoid accidentally stepping on any of them. I personally haven’t been out yet this year to search, but I hope to soon. Social media posts from friends showing off their finds have been infrequent thus far, so I hope this means the season is just beginning.

The photos below are from two years ago, so I am due for another successful hunt! If I find them, I will share… Happy hunting to those willing to look!  

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