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Miles 6-10

The next wave of inspiring individuals who will be designated for Miles 6-10 in my upcoming marathon are as follows! Thanks for all that you do!

6. Amy & Marcus – My sister-in-law Amy and her husband Marcus are always there to lend a helping hand! Amy is an absolute joy to be around and is always thinking of others with her genuine thoughtfulness! I must designate her as the “hostess with the mostess!" She makes the absolute best appetizers and has a gift when it comes to decorating and making things look beautiful. With Marcus, he is the definition of strong and all-around awesome. It must because he's an Iowa native, too! I look forward to celebrating with these two when this marathon is over!

7. Sean, Ryan, & John – Ok, so I am finding it more difficult than I thought in narrowing down my selections. The Busse loop I run after work is 7.3 miles, so it is only logical that Mile 7 goes to 3 colleagues of mine who also run there (get it? 7.3). I cannot say enough praise about these three guys. Sean, you constantly push limits to better yourself and your frequent words of encouragement really resonant with me. Thank you for always setting a positive example! I wish I had your speed! Ryan, though running is not your “favorite” thing to do, you certainly seem to tolerate the distance well. I typically run solo, but it was nice running with you on occasional Thursdays over the summer. I hope you decide to run a marathon someday. You've got it in you. Last, but not least, is John. John will be completing his 25th marathon this fall as he runs Chicago on October 8th. Not only is John a gifted runner, his interpersonal and writing skills are nothing short of magical. He may have helped convince me to run my first marathon back in 2013. With that, I will RLTW (Run Like The Wind) just for you, John. Best of luck to you in Chicago!

Here we are at the start of the Sly Fox Half. From left to right, Sean, myself, and another colleague Brian. 

In this photo, John, Daisy (another one of my favorite coworkers), and I await the Shamrock Shuffle in Chicago. 

Sorry...no photo of Ryan! 

8. Gil – When I first moved to the Chicago area, I used to run alone after work to pass some time and familiarize myself with the area. After being introduced to Gil at a work function, we soon started running the loop at Busse together. I slowed him down significantly, but he always encouraged me. Over time, I became much faster and eventually reached a point when I could keep up with him. I attribute the speed I developed at that time solely to him. Gil now lives out of state and I miss our long runs, but he taught me to be mentally strong and to push physical limits. 

9. Kerri – I met Kerri toward the front of the class in Advanced Human Nutrition and Metabolism at Iowa State, and we have been friends ever since! Kerri is an avid biker, outstanding dietitian, and one of the most thoughtful people I know. I must also mention how fun and adventurous she is too! If it weren’t for Kerri, I never would have met my husband Rob (or found my wedding dress)! Can’t wait to see you in October!

10. Meme – Meme is technically my great-aunt but has always been more like a grandma. I think my siblings and cousins would agree that Meme is a special person in our lives! Meme will be turning 90 in January and has more will-power than anyone I know! I look up to her for her kind spirit, generosity, and strong faith. She also takes great pride in her health, and it is evident. Meme, Mile 10 is for you! Meme is pictured below between my parents!

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