• Lauren Humphreys

Miles 16-20

By this point in the race, I will be well over the halfway mark! This is when the miles will really be tough, but I'll have some remarkable people on my mind. Please read on...

16. Nolan – Nolan is one of my younger brothers and an all-around great guy. He is a natural athlete but also intelligent, witty, and courteous. I visualize him running marathons or competing in triathlons someday; he certainly has the mental willpower and physical strength. Mile 16 is for you NoNo! 

17. Donna – Donna is a colleague of mine, and she will be running her 1st marathon on Sunday as she runs in the 40th Chicago Marathon! This amazing lady has been a running fiend and her total mileage for 2017 already exceeds 1,300 miles (this is not a typo)! Best of luck to you in Chicago, Donna! I can’t wait to share stories when we are both back at work!

18. Dad – My dear daddio David is damn delightful! Pardon my language, but I had to keep the alliteration with “D” words going. His cheery and sometimes silly demeanor brightens everyone’s day. I am grateful for the example he has set for my siblings and me. He and my mom are an outstanding team. His only “flaw” is that he spends too much time working! Because you work so hard, I will work extra hard for you Dad on Mile 18! I must also mention that he is outstanding in his field...hehe!

19. Jolene – My sister Jolene is also one of the best bakers I know and is most-known for her cupcakes! Part of the reason why I love running so much is to offset the effects of my sweet tooth, especially when Jolene’s treats are around! Literally, the dessert table at our family gatherings are top-notch! At Mile 19, I will thinking of Jolene (and sweet treats…)!

20.  Lori & Jim – Lori is another colleague of mine, who I absolutely adore! Lori and her husband Jim are the dream team! They both have charming personalities and are talented runners; in other words, they are my kind of people! On an exciting note, they recently welcomed sweet twin baby boys into the world! Just thinking about the babies brings a smile to my face! I know Lori will be running again in 2018, faster than ever! My 20 goes to the entire family!

 Only one set to go!!! 

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