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Miles 11-15

Time for more! These are my people who will get me to and just over the halfway mark! 

11. Matt & Libby – My brother Matt and his wife Libby are an ambitious team and are two of the busiest people I know! Between working full time, remodeling a farmhouse and barn, restoring tractors, breeding collies, and more, I always wonder if they have a time machine! They are always busy, so I hope Mile 11 goes fast! 

12. John & Marianne – Even though I am technically a “niece-in-law,” Marianne and John welcomed me into the family the minute I met them. When we visited them in Florida, they treated us like royalty! John even served as our “personal trainer” as Cathy, Amy, and I ran and biked. These two are always up for an adventure, and I must add that Marianne is an exceptional cook! Dinner with them is always outstanding. Mile 12 is for the two of you! Hope to see you soon!

13. Olivia – Oh Miss O! She is the baby of the Mitchell kids and is by far everyone’s favorite, and rightfully so. Olivia is so darn cute and equally thoughtful. She is a senior at Fort Dodge Senior High and excels at everything she does. I must also brag about her for completing her first half marathon earlier this year. This girl is going places in her future! Since 13 is your favorite number, it only makes sense that that Mile 13 is all yours!  Love you, O!

14. Kaitlin –  Kaitlin has been my “beastie” ever since first grade! Kaitlin and I practically lived at each other’s house growing up and a bond like that never goes away. In 2015, we both ran the Des Moines Marathon together! Kaitlin has taken a break from running, as she is expecting a baby girl in November, but I hope we can run in a race together again in the future! 

15. Anita – I had the great privilege of living with Anita during my first year at Iowa State. Anita is a fellow runner and has also completed multiple marathons. I am thankful for our friendship and her frequent Snapchats. She is a real gem! I must also mention that she has the cutest and smartest doggie named Audi! Be sure to check out and follow the account @audi_apd on Instagram! Mile 15 will be a great mile thanks to you! This is an old photo from 2009, but from left to right: Hiwot, Anita, me, Janyce, and Reuben. 

More will be coming soon! 

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