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Miles 1-5

I wanted to highlight some of my favorite people who inspire me to run! If you read my recent blog post about “my 26.2,” you know I will be dedicating a mile to these people in my upcoming marathon. Their names will be written on my arms as a positive reminder to reference as I run the miles. If you missed the blog post, I would encourage you to check it out here! FULL DISCLOSURE – this is not an all-inclusive list. If I wanted to capture everyone, I would need to be running at least a 50 miler!

Here are my people for Miles 1–5...

1. Robert – People underestimate the importance of the first mile of a marathon. Mile 1 is all about self-discipline and focus. For that reason, my first mile goes out to my father-in-law, Robert (Rob). Rob is hardworking and incredibly talented in all that he does. One of the things I admire about him most is his ability to visualize a situation from start-to-finish, resulting in efficiency and high quality. Paired with his strategic edge, he also has a lighthearted spirit. Rob, I will try to run this race following your example – smarter, not harder – and with a smile on my face! I will look forward to seeing you in the crowd on race day!  Here I am with Rob at Brys Estate Vineyard and Winery in Michigan. 

2. Dan, Mary, & Family – Mile 2 goes out to a family, rather than an individual. Dan and Mary (and Isaiah, Estelle, Theo, Ziggy, AND baby Arlo), thank you for always making family gatherings so much fun. Your whole family inspires me because of your wealth of talents and sweet personalities! In a day when everyone is incredibly busy with work, school, and countless other activities, I am even more impressed that you still make time to run as a family! So COOL! I’ll be thinking of you all on this mile. Theo, best of luck to you on your upcoming 5K at school. I know you’ll be great! Here is their good-looking bunch (minus Isaiah)! 

3. Megan & Willow – These two lovelies (affectionately known as Merle and Willis) are dear friends of mine and also happen to be some amazing registered dietitians. Our story really began when we were roomies in Des Moines, Iowa, completing our dietetic internship through Iowa State University. These days we are separated by many miles, but we are still a close-knit group and make time throughout the year to meet up! I love you both and will reflect on our many adventures we’ve shared on Mile 3. The giant hill during this mile will take me back to the hills of Elkader, Iowa! Here we are at Meg's wedding (Willis, Merle, Laurence [me])

4. Brady – If I had to describe my nephew Brady in two words they would be: pure joy! This little guy is 6 years old and an absolute sweetheart. To him, I am LoLo and I affectionately call him Bray-doo! Spending time with him is always a priority when I am home visiting my family in Iowa. In addition to being to an excellent reader at school, Brady is also incredibly fast! I will try to pick up my pace a bit on Mile 4 just for Brady! Photo credit goes to my sister Kelsie for this awesome shot of Brady! 

5. Jim & Cindy – As my Snapchat friends already know, I frequently send snapchats of my running stats. My aunt Cindy (and uncle Jim) have always been supportive and encouraging of my running efforts! I am already looking forward to the second annual M5 5K at Thanksgiving this year with all of the Mitchells. Mile 5 is for the two of you in honor of Jim’s M5 race car! Here I am with Jim and Cindy. Jim and I were the euchre champions last year at Christmas! 

Stay tuned for miles 6-10! 

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