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Matt & Libby's Collie Puppies

Happy Monday everyone! I hope this puppy post will make your day a little brighter and bring a big smile to your face. Everyone loves puppies, which is why I wanted to share these adorable little fluffy babes ASAP.

These sweet collie babies belong to my brother Matt and his wife Libby! 

A little background about these two...Matt and Libby were married just under a year ago, and they are an amazing team. During the past year as a married couple, they have been busy working on a house (and barn!) remodel and various other farm projects, including animals and tractors! They have done all of this while working and/or going to school. This was an exciting spring for them because their pair of collies had their first litter of puppies in March -- 9 perfect little ones to be exact!

Matt and Libby had already delivered 7 of the puppies to their new homes, but I was thrilled there were still 2 remaining to spend some time with while I was visiting Iowa over the weekend. Rob and I do not have pets, so I enjoy being around animals whenever I can! As you can see in the photos below, they really have grown significantly in a short amount of time (~8 weeks)!  

The puppies are so soft and playful! I think the photos will speak for themselves, but I just had to share to spread some happiness. Thanks again Matt and Libby! They are very special puppies that will bring much joy to their new families!

See below for more pics! 

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