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Global Running Day

6.6.2018 – it is a special day today for several reasons! Today is:

Global Running Day

My sister Kelsie and her husband Josh’s 3rd wedding anniversary  

(They are pictured with their new baby Taylor!)

Toby’s 12th birthday (Toby is my parent’s pooch)

Yep - he was born on 6/6/2006

As you have probably noticed from my Facebook or Instagram feed, running consumes a significant amount of my free time year-round. Some think I am crazy for feeling this way, but I absolutely love to run! To me, running is invigorating physically and mentally because it allows me to be a better version of myself!

My younger years were all about track and speed, and I primarily ran the 400 and 800-meter distances. These days, my focus has been on long distance running. All of this started thanks to my first year of college at Iowa Central Community College in Fort Dodge, Iowa, when I ran my first half marathon. This is all thanks to Coach Dee Brown and teammate Lindsey (Borr) Shephard who encouraged me to participate in the half at the end of the cross country season. I reluctantly agreed, but that half marathon in Overland Park, Kansas started me on my eventual marathon journey.

Having just finished marathon #6 less than two weeks ago, I have backed down my mileage to allow my body some recovery. Rest is crucial, too. With it being Global Running Day, it is fun to reflect on all that I have accomplished in my running career and the friendships I have made. Without a doubt, running makes the world a better place! 

If you hate running, that’s ok; running certainly isn’t for everyone. However, if you are physically able and you like the idea of running but aren’t sure how to get started – just go for a run (in a decent pair of running shoes, of course)! The running community is a very welcoming one, no matter how fast or how far you run. After all, life is better in running shoes!

Message me if you have questions or just want to connect at mitch8blog@gmail.com. If you are in IG, follow along @mitch8blog!

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