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Garden Party! Baby Shower #1

I know I’ve been completely MIA from the blog lately, but I had to break the silence (and take a break from graduate school assignments) to showcase highlights from my recent baby showers. Let’s just say I have the most incredible family and friends for making these events so special and gorgeous. As of today, I am 36 weeks pregnant, so it won’t be too long until our little one’s arrival. We opted to not find out the gender, and it has been enjoyable to hear what everyone thinks our baby will be! Most seem to be leaning towards boy… Time will tell!

I will be doing two separate posts for each shower. In case you’re curious, you can see the other shower here! The first shower was hosted by my three sisters (Jolene, Kelsie, and Olivia), sister-in-law (Libby), and my mom. Since they wanted to keep the party gender neutral and thanks to my obsession with succulents, they chose a garden theme! I’ve pictured the invite below. Isn’t it just lovely?! We forgot to take a photo all dressed up, but here are my lovelies! From left to right: Jolene, Kelsie, me, Olivia, & Libby.

Brunch also happens to be one of my favorite things, so it was logical to plan the party to incorporate breakfast and lunch foods and treats. As a carb-lover, bagels and cream cheese were an obvious choice. However, the spread also consisted of an assortment of deli meats, cheeses, and other toppings. For those wanting something on the lighter side, colorful displays of fruits and vegetables were also available. Lastly, trail mix is one of my favorite snacks, so they included a large tub filled with my favorite combos, as well (pecans, chocolate, cashews, dried cranberries, and more). I’ve included some photos below!

Perhaps one of my favorite things about the shower were the favors! Terrarium-inspired succulent cupcakes all baked and decorated from scratch by my talented sister Jolene. Not only were they gorgeous to look at, they were even more delicious to eat. The flavors were chocolate, with a chocolate ganache filling, topped with a chocolate buttercream. I wanted something chocolate, and Jolene definitely delivered. For the second cupcake, Jolene did her classic wedding cake white, which is a delicate, almond flavored cupcake. It was filled with a raspberry filling and topped with vanilla buttercream. They were simply divine!

I must also give a special thanks to our family friend Mary Jo for all of her contributions to the decorations, including this staircase of live succulents and jade plants. She certainly has a green thumb and the baby shower décor was absolutely stunning thanks to all of her greenery! Pictured below from left to right is Mary Jo, myself, and Jolene.

The best part of the baby shower though was being surrounded by loved ones. Baby H is one lucky little babe to have such an amazing support system! Even though we do not live in Iowa, we will be there as often as we can, and I look forward to watching our little one grow up around such wonderful family and friends. I apologize for those missing in the photos! We tried to get everyone!

Thank you to everyone who made our Iowa baby shower so memorable and lovely, especially the hostesses! XOXO!

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