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Fitness Friday #1

Sorry for the late post, but it’s been a BUSY day! Guess who is town visiting this weekend for Easter?

My spontaneous, silly, and all-around fun family, that’s who! Those arriving late last night were my parents (Dave and Sharon), 2 of my sisters (Jolene and Olivia), and my nephew Brady. My sister Kelsie, Josh (Kelsie’s husband), and my brother Nolan came in wave 2 and arrived just about an hour ago!  

To start today off feeling great, we headed over to Busse Woods for the inaugural “Fitness Friday!” Why not make Fridays, which are already awesome, even better by staying active!?

Busse Woods happens to be my favorite trail in Illinois—perfect for walking, running, biking, and even roller blading. It’s a scenic 7.3 mile loop with lots of curves, shade, and views of water. We decided to pair up based on preferred physical activity. Here were activities and pairs:

Running #1 - Olivia and Lauren (me)

Since Olivia is training for her first half marathon in early June, it only made since that we were running buddies today.  We completed the full 7.3 mile loop. Olivia had a wicked kick at mile 7! I was so impressed with her speed and endurance!

Biking – my parents

My parents breezed through all 7.3 miles. They also went out again in our neighborhood for another 2.5 miles. I think they may be hooked!

Scooter/Rollerblades – Jolene and Brady

Jolene and 5 year old Brady completed an impressive 4 miles on wheels!

Running #2 – Rob and Lauren (me)

Rob and I went out for a 2 mile run in the evening in our neighborhood. Rob finished in an impressive 14:14 minutes (7:07 min/mile average). I was not so fast finishing in 16:21 minutes (8:21 min/mile average), but was still pleased considering my mileage earlier.

I hope your Friday was exceptional like ours! We were so busy moving that we didn’t take enough photos, but here were some highlights!

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