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Best Ever Brownies

Want to know the secret ingredient to the BEST brownies that will look like these?!


Some of you clever bakers may have already known this, but some baking shortcuts really are better than the homemade version. This is the classic example for several reasons.

Why I Prefer Boxed Brownies Over Homemade?


Despite the high number of recipes floating around the Internet and social media that are self-proclaimed as “the best” brownies, I have found the best brownies to come out of a box! Why waste time not only searching for a suitable recipe but extra steps making the brownies themselves? Maybe it’s just me but I do not want to spend time melting chocolate over a double boiler if I can just dump in a mix and stir in a few other ingredients. Time is money, especially with a busy 13 month old.


Boxed brownies have the crackly beautiful top that everyone wants in a brownie. The top is so pretty, they do not need frosting. In my experience, homemade brownies never achieve the nice crackled top and end up tasting grainy due to all of the sugar. No thanks! The interior always looks moist, dense, and fudgy.


Boxed mixes always result in a chocolatey brownies that are chewy, fudgy, and decadent. They are sweet but not too sweet which can happen with homemade brownies. Taste reigns king for me when it comes to baked goods over all other attributes. If something doesn’t taste good, there’s really no point in making it. You never have to worry about this when making boxed brownies. In fact, the majority of my family and friends actually prefer the taste of boxed brownies over homemade. Boxed brownies are very forgivable in terms of add-ins and doctoring. I have known many dietitians who swear by adding pureed black beans. Just saying.


Boxed brownies are cheap, and they are consistently good even across different brands and usually cost under $2 a box. Even the more premium brands are often under $5 a box. I have found the private label brands (ie Aldi’s brand or other store brands) to be as good as Betty Crocker. Why waste money buying baker’s chocolate and lots of butter when you could use it for a special recipe like French silk pie instead?

Happy baking, friends! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Though this isn’t a formal recipe, I think you will find the information below rather helpful!

Boxed Brownie Tips

To make your boxed brownies extra special and perfect, here are my top suggestions:

  • Follow the baking instructions and the quantity of the base ingredients as outlined on the package instructions for best success

  • Replace the water in the recipe with coffee to boost the chocolate flavor

  • Always line your pan with parchment paper for easy removal and no sticking

  • Add 1 cup chocolate chips (any variety) and/or nuts to the batter before baking

  • Use an 8x8 inch or 9x9 inch square pan for thicker and chewier brownies

  • Drizzle with melted chocolate after baking

  • Cut with a plastic knife for extra smooth edges and no tearing

  • Share with family and friends!

  • You could also make a brownie sundae by serving the brownies with ice cream, hot fudge, and your other favorite toppings

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