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Bayshore Marathon Results

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. The heat during the Bayshore Marathon last Saturday took more out of me than expected, and I am disappointed. I am truly grateful to have finished safely, as there were several instances where I wanted to step off the course and quit. However, my finishing time of 4:16:20 was not the time I had trained for the past 5 months. That’s the risk of any marathon though; the conditions may not be “right,” but you still have to run.

In light of some recent events, I have been counting my blessings more than ever. In reality, this silly marathon was simply a small inconvenience in the grand scheme of life’s challenges. Nonetheless, I wanted to reflect on my experience.

  • For starters, the race was well-organized and the course itself was very pleasant. It was an out-and-back and completely flat. The course ran alongside Lake Michigan on Old Mission Peninsula, just north of Traverse City. The aid station support on the course was exceptional, and I must give thanks to the race volunteers. The local residents handing out cold bottles of water around mile 22 were literally lifesavers. At the finish line, the post-race beverages and treats, ranging from Moomers ice cream, fruit, bagels, chips, cookies, granola bars, etc) were also plentiful. The goodie-bag was also great!

  • Over the course of 26.2 miles, you will have some interesting thoughts on your mind. I won’t even get into the details of the physical discomfort. Unfortunately, I went out way too fast the first 10 miles, especially miles 1-5. As you can see from my pace summary below, I regressed significantly as the race went on. I ran my first mile at a blazing 7:30 pace, and by mile 7, I was already hurting. As the old adage goes, “it’s a marathon, not a sprint.” I definitely paid my dues for my mistakes after the halfway point.

  • The hot weather was unfavorable, as I love cold weather running (40° F is my favorite). Though I had no control over the temperature, I will probably avoid races at the end of spring moving forward. The heat really made for additional challenges, both mentally and physically.

  • I don’t think this race reflected my true potential, but I can’t change it now. The race represents one point in time, and I did what I could. I ran a strong 1st half at least. Though I am not in any rush to sign-up for another marathon, I intend to do more (sorry Mom and Dad)!

Aside from the run, the rest of the weekend was AWESOME! Many happy memories were made with my husband Rob and in-laws. We enjoyed wine tastings at our favorite wineries, spending some time at the beach (and even in the cold water), and of course eating amazing meals all weekend! Relaxing in the hammock was also perfect post-run. The weekend would not have been possible without my in-laws, Rob and Cathy. I want to extend a huge thank you to them and everyone who offered support during my training (there are too many people to list)!

With that, I hope everyone has a great weekend! I took it easy this week, but I will keep running! See more photos below.

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