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August 16th will always be a special day for me. Today, marks the 4-year anniversary of the day I met the love of my life, Robert Michael Humphreys II (aka Rob). Though Rob and I have only known each other for a relatively short amount of time, we knew we had something very special from the start. Fast forward to today, and we have already been married for ~2-1/2 years and recently purchased our first home together! But, back to where it all started.

The ironic series of events that contributed to our serendipitous meeting seem almost impossible when I reflect on all of the details! I am so grateful we both happened to be in Des Moines, Iowa, at the Iowa Cubs baseball game that fateful weekend. I am especially grateful for my friend Kerri (pictured below) and am also glad I wore bright blue pants. My life would be very different if it weren’t for that weekend. I don’t even want to imagine my life without Rob.

Rob is as incredible husband. I’m so far from perfect, yet he loves me unconditionally. He continually amazes me with his generosity and kind heart. We are equally stubborn, like a pair of mules, but I believe it makes us a great team. Like all couples, we have our disagreements, but they usually don’t last long. He’s a spender and I’m a saver.  We are both passionate. I worry about things, but Rob calms me. We both love to eat, and as Julia Child would say, “People who love to eat are always the best people.” Rob is one of the best people (I think I am, too!). This was our first selfie!

Whether you’re single, dating, engaged, married, widowed, or divorced, always be open to love in your heart. The world is full of beautiful people, and I believe people are inherently good. Some people suck, but try to forgive them. Life is too short to harbor anger. Bad things will happen, but life will seem a lot better when you keep a positive outlook and have someone to lean on. Thankfully, I have Rob. Love you, babe! I am looking forward to a nice dinner out with you later!

Since pictures are worth 1,000 words, here is a small sampling of memories from the past 4 years (including the time Rob had long hair)!

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