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4th of July 2018

As some of you may have noticed, blogging has taken the backseat the past couple months. Not to make excuses, but Rob and I have had a lot going on! More on this later…it’s all great things! The time is flying and we are definitely having fun.

This post is to highlight our adventures in northern Michigan spent with Rob’s family all last week. It sounds cliché, but lake life really is the best life. It’s a week of no work and all play. Though I am biased with my home state of Iowa as my favorite state, Michigan ranks #2. I am grateful for my many happy memories from northern Michigan thus far and look forward to many more.

The weather was absolutely delightful, especially for jet-skiing, swimming, and hanging out at the beach on Torch Lake. There were even a few cooler days perfect for running on shaded roads along the lake. For a fun challenge, Rob, Cathy, and I went over to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park for a run and climb! We completed the steep Lake Michigan Overlook dune climb, which is ~450 feet at a 33% grade. I’ve read in a Chicago Tribune article that the climb is equivalent of climbing a 34-story skyscraper. The climb was great challenge, but the 3 of us all finished in under 15 minutes, and this was after a 4-mile run. Obviously, we are not competitive…haha! Rob and I also ran 8 hill repeats! Here are some highlights:

We also picked pounds and pounds of sweet cherries at King Orchards, sailed on a Nauti-Cat catamaran in Lake Michigan, went for several walks, played with the dogs, painted lots of rocks, drank ridiculous amounts of sparkling water, and enjoyed uncle John’s scary stories around the campfire while enjoying s’mores. I wish I could go back!

Aside from enjoying the great outdoors, we ate like royalty the entire week. The most noteworthy meals are noted below, along with the chef(s):

Haiwaiian night – Marianne & JG

Low country boil – Amy with help from Marcus

Homemade pasta – Rob, Ziggy, & me

Burrito bowls – Mary & Estelle

All-American burger & brats – Cathy & Rob

Wine paired dinner – everyone

After any vacation, it does feel nice to be home. However, I truly wish I could go back and relive those days. I must extend my sincerest thanks to my FIL and MIL Rob and Cathy for hosting! Family is truly the best!

I hope everyone had a memorable and safe 4th of July. I look forward to sharing some of the recipes from our trip and highly recommend visiting northern Michigan if you ever get the chance!

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