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2020 Refresh!

Welcome to the new and significantly improved Mitch8 Blog site! This refresh is long overdue, but I finally have had some time. Not to make “excuses” for last year, but I did earn my Master’s degree and more importantly, had a baby! These major life events took precedence over blogging!

Isn't our boy Mitchy pretty darn adorable?! Personally, I think he's the CUTEST baby ever!

In addition to the blog refresh, I also redesigned my logo. I liked my old logo, but I never loved my logo. My new logo is sharp, easier to read, and better reflects my brand image. By the inclusion of the spoon, it tells the story that you can expect FOOD on this blog. Rob helped design it, and I am thrilled with the finished look. See what I mean:



Additionally, my old blog site was quite difficult to navigate. I am a huge proponent of continuous improvement and my blog reflects this mentality. I can assure you I will continue to learn and grow over the coming year, so please bear with me. I am working on a low budget, but the more my blog grows, the better it will become! The enhanced visual changes and searchability are two of my favorite updates to the new website. I also wanted to highlight the type of content you can expect over the coming months. My blog posts will include:

  • New healthy recipes (YAY)

  • More dessert recipes (also YAY!)

  • Nutrition tidbits

  • Clearing up labeling claims

  • Fitness inspiration

  • Mom life updates

  • Other fun life events

I am open to any and all suggestions. Please reach out to me with your feedback (which includes constructive criticism and compliments)!

Last but not least, I need YOUR help. Please like, subscribe, share, and follow me on Instagram (@mitch8blog). I have also linked this here! Tell your friends and family, too! This really helps a small blogger out!

With that, thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy Mitch8 Blog and a glimpse into my world.

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